As a lifetime New Englander, this 5 Flavor Pound Cake Recipe came to me unexpectedly. When I had my first baby, I joined an amazing moms group where I found my village. If you’re lucky, you’ll find one too, when you become a parent. It’s that group of moms you meet that become your closest confidants. The ones that help you through your journey of parenthood, in a world where being a mom can be isolating, confusing, exciting, wonderful, beautiful, and a scary place. I met one of my most cherished and memorable friends from this group. She was a recent transplant to New Hampshire from Tennessee.  Her name is Melissa, and I was immediately charmed by her  good southern manners and quick wit. Melissa rarely does anything small. She’s a go big or go home type of gal…and this family recipe that she shared with me is no different.

This 5 flavor pound cake recipe is super rich and dense. It’s substantial. You’ll notice that when you take a bite, you pause a bit in intoxication. It’s that delicious. This recipe was passed down to Melissa from her mom, who who also grew up in the South. I feel very blessed to have it been passed down to me.  I feel very happy to be able to share it here!

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