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I’m many things.  A 30-something daughter,  sister, vegetarian, wife, and mom to two little girls whom I love more than anything in existence.

I’ve been a vegetarian since childhood. Many people ask me if that’s because my parents were vegetarians. But they weren’t. In fact, they were the most hard-core meat eating carnivores you could imagine. My Sicilian mother would put prosciutto on everything, and insist that lamb was a vegetable. My dad would grill steaks and burgers 3 times a week.  I never questioned what I was eating until I was about nine. When I asked my parents, I was really horrified to hear that I was eating a cow, or pig. Like, the same kind I’ve seen on school field trips to the local farm, and in my fairy tale stories? I just never looked at meat or seafood the same again. My parents tried to down play the whole thing by telling me that the animals on factory farms were “put to sleep” or had already died. I was pretty vocal about my disgust for the whole reality when I learned that was hardly the truth. Lucky for me, I had parents who supported my feelings to go vegetarian.

I make the choice to live as cruelty free as possible by going vegetarian in a time when we don’t need meat for sustenance, or to get enjoyment out of food. I pass this ethic down to my two children in hopes that they will grow to be more aware human beings.  I have over 20 years of vegetarian recipes that have managed to impress my two younger sisters, pseudo veggie husband, and two kids. I hope you enjoy them too.

I’ve been happily married to David since 2003.  We have two beautiful daughters together.  I started this blog to document the easy and healthy vegetarian recipes for them, as they grow up, and one day cook for families of their own.  It also keepsakes thoughts, emotions and experiences during this wild journey with them. At the least, I hope this blog makes a nice home for my collection of recipes. At best, I hope it can inspire, give hope, and humor.