I serve this baked french toast recipe every Christmas morning, because I can make it the day before, and just pop it into the oven on the big day. It fills the whole house with the aroma of cinnamon, and really adds to the mood. When making this casserole, be sure not to cut the bread too thick, or pile it too high into your baking dish so that the liquid doesn’t reach the top. You’ll end up with a soggy bottom, and a dry top to your casserole.

When choosing a bread, opt for a nice loaf of french bread. I’ve also tried this recipe with slices of sesame seeded italian bread, and it was wonderful. Sliced bread can also give you a bit more level of a casserole. Still, nothing beats the taste of a good old fashioned french bread loaf when making, we’ll, french toast.

This can be served alone – no need for butter or syrup. Easy and delicious…and it’s enticing enough to distract the girls so that David and I can enjoy coffee and french toast before present time! When making this baked french toast recipe, make sure to give it time to sit and marinate. It really makes a difference in flavor.

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