This butternut squash casserole recipe makes a hearty casserole that I’ll serve the family on a cold night. It really is a one stop shop. It combines a whopping dose of vitamin a and vitamin c, as well as a hefty serving of protein from eggs and cheese. All wrapped up in an easy to make casserole. I like to serve this with a simple salad with a creamy dressing, and buttered rolls. You’ll find that this butternut squash recipe is one of those dishes that tastes even better the next night, so we always plan for left overs.

This butternut squash casserole recipe calls for 3 pounds of delicious butternut squash. If you’re like me, preparing a hard squash is my least favorite activity. I’d rather be…well, pretty much doing anything else.  Luckily, David actually loves to prep veggies. He is pretty good and fast about it, too. I know, I’m pretty lucky, right? If the cutting and peeling of this amount of squash is up to me,  I’ll buy the squash pre-cut and peeled. This usually saves me a ton of time doing the prep work. Of course, if I am lucky enough to come across fresh squash from a local garden, I’ll endure the prepping hardship. The squash’s flavor is so much better, and more nutritious. If you’ve never tried butternut squash for New Hampshire, you really need to! There is nothing quite as good.

You’ll notice that I season the breadcrumb topping with herbs. My favorite is herbs de province, as it gives this dish a “holiday” type of flavor. I’ve found that parsely is also very good, and a bit more mild.  I prefer the topping to really stand out, and find that if I season it with salt and pepper, it brings out the flavor of the herbs much more.

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