This cheesy pasta and beans recipe incorporates two different kids of beans and lots of tomatoes…plus two big favorites, cheese and pasta.  It’s a nutritious alternative to the basic pasta dish or mac and cheese. Be sure to let the cheese sit on top for a few minutes. It will naturally melt. This is a quick and easy dinner – there is very little prep work in the form of cutting and chopping. I’m not the biggest fan of canned vegetables vs. fresh. I find fresh taste much better…but let’s be honest, when you are short on time, this makes it so easy! This makes a BIG bowl of food, and is very kid friendly. It’s perfect if you have a crowd over or want leftovers. Any type of pasta will do – I find tube shapes like penne work best vs. noodles. Everything seeps inside the pasta tube, making it flavorful. I like to serve this with a simple salad, garlic bread or corn bread.

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