My dark chocolate chip and cherry cookie recipe is my oldest daughter’s absolute favorite.  You’ll notice an intense flavor from the dark chocolate chips. When you combine this with the chewy tartness of dried cherries, it’s heavenly.  Antioxidant rich dark chocolate chips make this different from the standard chocolate chip cookie.  My kids never second guess bitter, dark chocolate. We like to credit these cookies to that, as they were given to them pretty early on. Cookies like these are surprisingly easy to make. I think they are perfect to bake in a pinch, if you have all of the staples.

When making this dark chocolate chip and cherry cookie recipe, the quality of the chocolate chips are everything. I’ll always buy the best quality chocolate I can afford. I try to keep the chocolate in the 60% cocoa or up range. Sugar in this recipe offsets the bitterness of a darker chocolate. In my experience, using a very dark chocolate creates an important contrast against the cherries and brown sugar. Flavors tend to come together very well in the end. Trust me when I tell you, you will not be disappointed!

When shopping for ingredients, try to find dried cherries that have not been sweetened. If you’ve tried this before, you know that this sometimes can be hard to do. It’s sad that the food industry is under constant pressure to add sugar to everything, even naturally sweet and delicious dried cherries. A few brands of dried cherries that I’ve found, which do not contain added sugar, are the No Sugar Added Dried Tart Montmorency Cherries. They are a little pricey, but find that the 1 pound bag lasts awhile.  Trader Joes also carries very tasty unsweetened dried cherries, but typically come in smaller bags, and cost a bit more.  I have Amazon Prime, so often get free shipping. I’ll usually buy hard to find specialty food items at Amazon because they arrive in a few days, and are usually priced competitively.

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