This dijon potato and bean salad recipe is perfect for summer. Summer is winding down in New Hampshire but our days are still filled with lots of time in the sun. As the sun sets, we want something light but satisfying…this is an easy summer dinner that I pair with simple field greens. The beans add a nice lean protein and are absolutely effortless in this recipe. This is an easy sell at the dinner table – everything is recognizable and easy on the palate…yet just ever so slightly sophisticated.

When making this dijon potato and bean salad recipe, you’ll want to look for some nice, red potatoes. Good choices are Ida rose, Norland, Cal red, or French fingerling. The best ones will be firm in texture, with a waxy surface.  Potatoes often get a bad rap as a starchy, carb loaded vegetable, but not around here! Potatoes are packed fiber and vitamin c, which is why I include them in our weekly meals. I love that potatoes are very inexpensive, too! Sometimes I’ll look in the pantry and find sprouts growing on my spuds. Sadly, it’s time to toss them. This is a tell tale sign of the formation of a toxic alkaloid, solanine, which is not something you or your family will want to ingest.

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